Monday, July 28, 2008

Merry Christmas

I heard of a neat idea from a fellow stitcher about working on a Christmas projects every month starting on the 25th for a week. That way you will be able to get more Christmas projects done on time. So, after hearing this wonderful idea I went to my stash and found the wonderful limited edition Santa's from Prairie Schooler that I had set aside.

So for the first project I worked on the 2005 - Here Comes Santa -- Hurray, he is finished.

Well, yes, he is stitched but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with him so I set it aside and waited for the next month's Christmas week and started 2006 - Dear Santa.

I started the 2006 during May while I was gone on vacation but did not get a chance to pick him back up until now. I worked all weekend on him and I am excited to say that he will be done by Thursday. Course, I stitched my poor fingers sore yesterday on him. Need to find a better needle.
In August I plan on starting 2007 "Let it Snow" and work my way into completing the newly released 2008 "By the Chimney" Santa. I know, perfect timing in getting the new one added to my stash.

I am excited that each of these patterns are finishing up to be the same size and material. I am thinking of finding a way to frame the four designs together into one frame. I have seen where East Side Moldings has taken each design and framed them the same and then incorporated all four frames inside of a bigger frame. Here is what they did with a newly released SamSarah design "Six Stockings in a Row". Hey, this is also in my Christmas stash.

So, think about it. What a great way to get ahead of your Christmas projects.... Not only stitched but finished in time to get the attention of your local framer or finisher.
PS... My fellow blogging friend, Stitches of Life ... I attended our local county fair and saw some of your wonderful work. Great job as always... You have to be proud of your son too.... He did a fabulous job.


Christina said...

Congrats on getting your Christmas projects caught up. One of the board I belong to do some kind of Christmas stitchig every month.

Love the frames in a frame.

Lelia said...

I love your PS project(s). Great idea to stitch holiday themes on the 25th of ea month. I am using the screaming rotation -- and finding those gems in the closet for Waaaaayyyy tooooo long. Gesh. Gotta clear them out ... &
thx for your kind words! My son was over-the-moon : ) We selected the frame at House of Stitches - similar to the frame on the pattern. I really should take some pics and blog - but, my daughter is coming home for 2 weeks & i need to get the house in order ; ) Have you swung by Jane C's blog yet? It is a good one!