Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays

The tree is decorated, the cards have been mailed, the cookies are baked, and the gifts are wrapped.  Wow, maybe I can finally sit and stitch again.  Well, maybe not for a couple more days. 

The only pictures I have to share with you at this time are my puppies enjoying the Christmas tree.

They both have seem interested in the tree and I know they are looking to see if there are any new toys under the tree for them.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Time is moving quickly.  We are sitting here tonight making our list for dinner on Thanksgiving.  Wow, I cannot believe it is almost here.  So, to all of my stitching buddies have a great Thanksgiving.

Here is the 10th of the month update for the ABC Prairie Schooler from Ellen.  She has finished A, working on B and has started on C.  Way to go....

As for the rest of us, well, I guess you will have to see what next month brings.  I only added a few more stitches to mine so that really isn't worth a picture. 

Last Sunday I got a chance to sit and stitch at Inspired Needle in Lemont.  Not only did I sit and stitch but I did do a bit of shopping also.  I purchased "Winter Floral Sampler" by Knotted Tree.  I need to give this one a start right away.

The colors on this pattern are great.  I cannot wait to work more on this. 

Also, last Saturday/Sunday I got a lot done on Summer - Loose Feathers by Blackbird Design.  Just in time since I picked up the next section Autumn.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Update

Wow, a lot has been going on so to start off with I will show you my progress update on Carriage House Samplings "Fall's Gifts".

I just love this project.  It was in my stash from a trip two years ago.  We were traveling in KY and I found a shop listed on the Internet called The Needle Nest in Shelbyville.  Well, we were just coming home on vacation Monday and we made a trip back over to Shelbyville so that I could visit the shop again. It is so much fun to travel the US and visit shops.  On this stop I purchased an older design by Jeanette Douglas from her Stitches Series called Pineapple Stitches.  I cannot wait to start this one once I have finished this lovely picture.

Another find on this trip was more flower frogs found in an amazing antique mall in Williamsburg, VA. 

One has a fantastic silver bottom that the frog fits into.  It has roses all around it.  I found several others that I brought back as gifts for my stitching buddies.  I hope they enjoy them.  Sorry, didn't get a picture of them.  I also found this lovely blue candy dish.  It will look great with candy in it.  Yummmy.....

Another stop on our trip was Virginia Beach.  Why in October?  I attended the Dyeing 2 Stitch cross stitch retreat.  I was lucky to have classes with Shepherd's Bush and Shakespeare Peddler.  It is always so much fun to meet the designers in person.  Of course I came home with loads of projects to do from the retreat and their shop.  Here is my basket that we got as a gift and all of my treasures.  I have lots of stitching to do.

They made everyone the most fantastic scissor fob.  Here is the one I got.

Time to return to my stitching.  Enjoy your weekend.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Frog Find

Happy Sunday....

This weekend I ventured into our local town to an antique mall on search for a flower frog.  It took a bit of searching but I was very thrilled at the mission accomplished.  Here is my lucky find.

On the stitching front I spent time this weekend working on Fall's Gift by Carriage House Samplings. 

I love this design and wished I had more time to just sit stitch.  After coming back from last weekend's fun retreat in Shipshewana I am having a hard time in getting back to my chores around the house.  All I want to do is sit and stitch.  Okay, I still sat and stitched and didn't get to all of the chores I needed to do this weekend but I did get out and ran a lot of errands that I never can find time to do during the weekend. 

Well, Josie and Brinkley are telling me it is time for bed.  Hope you found time to stitch and I will be checking your blogs to see what you did.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weekend Retreat

This past weekend I spent a wonderful weekend away in Shipshewana Indiana at a retreat by "Inspired Needle".  It is a wonderful weekend of lots of stitching and shopping. The weather was great and the decorations around the hotel were amazing.  Here are some gourds that were outside of the entrance.

If you want to see more pictures from the retreat take a look at Laura's blog:

She did a great job of walking around and capturing what everyone was working on.  I was late getting to the retreat on Friday and missed out on the ornament exchange.  No problem.  I loved what I made and now this is mine......

We got time on Saturday to do a bit of shopping around town.  I happened to be in a home store and ran across an item that I thought would make a great holder for my stitching patterns and look nice sitting on my end table.  I think it is a recipe or photo holder.

Here is what it looks like holding my pattern.

On Friday night I worked on Prairie Moon Pattern that I have been progressing on.  Well, now I am busy removing all of the stitches I put in last week while watching Grey's Anatomy.  UGH.....

I did start a new project over the weekend.  I am glad I purchased a new light that was stronger than the one I took.  This is Fall's Gifts by Carriage House Samplings.  I bought it several years ago while on vacation visitning local cross stitch stores.  Look up this pattern, it is amazing.

I bought a really pretty magnet from Puffin & Company.  I had to use it now for October.  Isn't this cute.

We got to work on a really neat pin cushion from "Just Another Button Company".  The best part was we got the ice cream to eat first. Yummy

Since I got home the only project that I have had a chance to work on is Mardi Gras by Laura Perin.  I just love working on this one.

Finally, here is the progress update for the "ABC Girl Club".  First up is Ellen:

She has gotten her first letter block done.  Congrats Ellen....  You are doing Great....

Well, as for Terry or myself we have more work to do to finish up a letter.  My pumpkin has not changed since last week and I know Terry is still trying to work on hers.  Hopefully we will have better progress updates next month and get a chance to head off Ellen.

Happy Stitching New Blog Buddies.....

Thursday, October 6, 2011

There is Fall in The Air

What a wonderful time to sit and stitch. Happy Fall!!!! I just wished I had more hours each day in which to get my projects done.  I love the fall time and the projects I have lined up.  Here is my progress on Prairie Moon project.

If you are working on this project or getting ready to start it I have found a few items that are in the photo and not correctly graphed.  So, watch picture of the design closely against the pattern. 

Also, I just couldn't wait to start a new Laura Perin design.  This is called Mardi Gras. I love the design, colors, and challenges. 

This photo doesn't really capture the color of this project.  Here is the full design photo from the pattern.

To keep up with all of the projects I have going on I pickup a different one each time I sit down to stitch.  That way I feel like I am starting or progressing on an exciting design.  When I keep working on the same project every time I get that burned out feeling because I am not seeing my progress as I should.

Here is my progress on the newest Loose Feathers from Blackbird Designs.  I cannot wait to see the next  part to this project.

Hey ABC Prairie Schooler Stitchy Gals, it is time for you to send me your progress updates.  Send it to me  over the weekend and I will get it posted next week unless either one of you are ready yet to start your own BLOGS.....

I find myself getting up on Sundays and spending the morning hours working on this.  Doing over one requires me to have eyes that are fully rested.  By time I get done working on this my eyes always need rest.

Yesterday I go the recent copy of "Just Cross Stitch" for Nov/Dec 2011.  I just fell in love with this project and have added it to my list of "Got to do in 2011".  I love the cardinals in the photo and the colors being used are just amazing.  This is called Red Birds by Marie Barber. This design reminds me of an old fashion post card.

Sorry for the bad picture.  Kind of hard to hold the magazine and camera at the same time.

Well, I am going to sign off with a picture of a secret I have been working on.  This package contains an ornament that I recently completed for a swap.  Once this has taken place I will let you see my handy work.  I am so excited with this.  Not only did I create on this project but I finished it also.  That doesn't happen to often around here but with all the recent tutorials being posted I found the instructions on how to do it.  It came out great.  Trust me....

Enjoy your weekend and happy stitching.....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Remember

Here is our downtown just now preparing for a memorial of Sept 11th.  This is a day that will live with all of us forever.

The flag is being held up by our ladder firetrucks across the square downtown as the prepare to have the memorial. 

This weekend I got together with my friends to start the Prairie Schooler "ABC Girl Club".  We are all working on different letters from the Prairie Schooler Letter Charts.  We have decided that since we cannot get together to stitch that we will report in on the 10th of each month with our progress.  Hopefully this will help us all drive towards achieving this project as timely as possible.

First up is Ellen, she got a head start on us.  She is working on Letter A and is doing her letters vertically.

25 count Lugana - Bone
Working Vertically

Next up is Terry, she is starting at the bottom with Letter Z.  Here is her progress from last night.

28 Count Lugana - Potato
Working Horizontally

And lastly here is my progress.  I basted my material so I can jump around.  Since Halloween is my favorite I selected J for Jack-O-Lantern. 

25 Count Lugana - Potato
Working Horizontally

Today the weather is perfect for relaxing and stitching the day away.  Hopefully my eyes will hold out.  I have so many projects underway that I just don't know where to start.

Enjoy your day as you think about Sept 11th.....  God Bless America.......

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Finish - LJP Design

Hurray, I finally finished my first Laura J Perin Design.  It is called Sunflower Star.  When I selected and started this one a long time ago I selected colors to match the sunflower design in my kitchen.  This is so funny.  I finally get this done and guess what, we are in the process of painting and changing the kitchen.  It will no longer be sunflowers.  Oh well, I still love this design and will find another place for it in my home.  As to how to finish it is still a mystery.  I truly enjoy Laura's designs and have a couple others to do.  I have been good, I haven't purchased any new ones until I finish the two I have kitted and ready to go.

Here is my finish.....  Whooo Hooo!!!!!

I am still working on my halloween cross stitch project by Prairie Moon.  My progress is going slow on it but what else it new.  This truly is the time of year that I love to sit and stitch all day. That means nothing else gets done around the house.  In fact, the dogs continue to watch me and hope that I will stop at anytime and play with them.  Don't worry, they still get lots of attention. 

I leave you to continue my stitchy fun.... 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Halloween Feeling and Giveaway

Isn't it amazing all of the new Halloween patterns that are coming out and what fun it is to see everyone busy working on them.  I found the following Giveaway that you just have to go over and look at:

This is so adorable.  It will be given away on Sept 1st.  Good luck everyone but I hope I win it.

I spent some time working on Prairie Moon halloween pattern.  I noticed an error in the pattern and by following the picture I put the missing items in.  I hope they look okay.  It is around the skull head.  The line above it was not on the pattern or the crosses.

I cannot wait to stitch the new Blackbird Design Halloween Eve.  I think this one will be close to the size of the one I did of theirs a few years ago. 

Good luck on your projects.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Picture Stitched

If you saw my last blog you saw that my SIL stitched up a picture of our church window for my mother.  Well, she surprised me last week with a stitched picture of my puppies.  What a treat.  Take a look:
She used a software from a website  This is amazing. It is a perfect picture of Josie and Brinkley.  I love it.  And again, this one is also done on 14 count vinyl and done in one week.  All I can say is she is very talented and amazing.  THANK YOU SIS.....

Here is my progress on the latest Loose Feathers.  Heads up there is a mistake that was found in the pattern and you can get this information from Blackbird's blog on my blog list.

This is a short blog so I can get some stitching time in before bedtime.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Latest Stitching Progress

When it is so hot outside there is nothing better than curling up on the sofa in a cool house stitching.  I have finally found some time in the past couple of evenings to pickup my sewing.  Course, I had to make a few trips to the LNS to get some new projects to work on even though I still have tons in my stash to get accomplished.  Added to my started projects are:

The latest Loose Feathers - Summer from Blackbird Designs.

I started this Sunday evening.  I think this is going to be a lot fun since the next two releases of the series will be added onto this piece of fabric.  Cool idea.

Next up is Thine is the Trick and the Treat by Prairie Moon. 

I love this fabric which is called "Relic". I am using something new for me from ThreadWorx.  The color is an overdyed Black.  It looks great.  This is how much I got done on Saturday after getting home from the LNS with my new purchase.

The prior weekend I spent time with my friends at a stitching retreat.  JBW and Lizzie Kate were the teachers.  What a great time.  I did get the project done from JBW. It is a really neat needle case that is very easy to stitch up and is in a completed needle roll.  What a great idea for those that are not as handy doing finishing.  That's me!!!!!

It is always so much fun to spend stitchy time with the girls.  I just wished we had more stitching events to go to that are close to home like this one was.

The last item I cannot wait to share with you is a special project that my SIL completed for my mother.  The picture used for this project was the stain glass window at our church.  She took a photo of it and sent it away to be charted.  What else is really neat is this was done on 14 count vinyl.  AMAZING.....

The detail on this is perfect. She had to add in a lot of outlining to accent each piece of glass that is in this window.  I never thought this could be done on 14 count.  I am so used to linen that I couldn't imagine doing this on anything else to get the effect of the window that she did.

Hope you are all staying cool in the awful heat.  You know it is bad when you cannot get your dogs to outside.  They are totally happy staying in front of the vent letting the cool air blow over their fur.