Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Projects

This weekend has gone by fast but I have to say that I did enjoy myself by spending many hours doing nothing more than stitching. I have been working on "Blessings and Kind Wishes" by Blackbird Designs. Here is a picture of what I have gotten done this weekend.

I am doing this on 28 count Sand Dune. I love how the colors are popping on this fabric.

My other big "HUGE" accomplishment for the weekend is a hanging pillow that I have finished all by myself. I have to say that this took a lot longer to complete than I expected but the joy I have in knowing that I did this myself is amazing. This is a Workbasket pattern that I picked up in Utah a few weeks ago at the Shepherd's Bush Retreat. I stitched this with a piece of fabric I purchased at the retreat and I don't know what the count or fabric name is. I used Gentle Arts color Raspberry Parfait and attached a flower charm also purchased at the retreat. I made and added cording to this small pillow which was a first for me. I did some research on the Internet on how to make cording and I have to tell you that examples I found were all I needed in getting this accomplished.

I have a couple more projects completed but I want to finish them before I post a picture of what they are. Hopefully I will continue to have luck in my finishing endeavors. Stay tuned.

Josie wanted to be in the picture with Mommy's finished project. She has been such a good doggy lately that I could not turn down the chance to add her into the picture.


Lelia said...

YAY! Love your pillow : ) Josie looks so sweet in your pic

Your Blackbird is moving along nicely, too

vEr0n!c@ said...

Josie is a beautiful dog. Lovely pillow you have made there. Congratulations! You're right. Blessings and Kind Wishes really pop on that fabric. Look forward to see more :)