Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Current Stitching

Don't you just love the excitement of starting a new project..... I do.... I recently finished a project which means, "Yes, run quickly to the stash and pick out a new project".... During my last trip to my favorite stitchy shop I picked up the latest design from Lizzie Kate called "ABC Lessons". The colors for this pattern are really neat and bright. Top help show them off I selected a really neat jobelan called "Chai Tea". It has shades of blue mixed into it. Here is my current progress.....

This pattern is going really quickly and I hope I can keep at my fast pace and get this one done so that I can run off to my stash and pick out my next project. Hmmmm, will I go with something patriotic or return to my Loose Feathers stash..... Stay tuned and see...

Brinkley update: Well the poor little guy had his trip to see the vet to experience tutoring.... Okay, that is what we call it to be nice to him. Here is how he spent 12 fun filled days.... He was a good sport and didn't make trouble that I truly expected to see.

He loves to look at himself everyday in the mirror but I really don't think he is smiling in this picture. What do you think his sister is thinking.... Ha Ha .... Been there, done that..... HEHEHEHEDon't worry, he is back to being a normal puppy and running us all crazy. Wow, I can hear him getting in trouble right now and better head off to help control the wild boy.

Signing off and heading to my favorite spot to stitch.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Poor puppy. LOL, he wears that collar well.

Your ABC's are coming along very nice. You're right. Even though the photo and my crummily adjusted monitor, those colors look good! I can't wait to see it finished.

Cathy B said...

Such cute puppies!

Your Lizzie Kate piece is coming along nicely. After seeing it finished at my LNS it was kind of calling my name too---