Monday, August 10, 2009

Almost there!!!!

Well, since the last time I blogged I was..... working on Lizzie Kate ABC Lessons with the vision of being done quickly. Okay, Well, What can I SAY....

Wow, this has taken me a lot longer than I expected. Course, when you put it down more than you work on it could be the major cause. Here is my progress as of late tonight.

As you can see I am on the last line and the second to the last word. Okay, this won't get done tonight but I sure hope it is this week. The bug has bitten me to start a new project and I cannot wait. I think I will be good and find an old project that is sitting in a stitching bag that also is down to the last line and finish it. Isn't it better to take two projects in for framing instead of one?

I made a special trip out the LNS on Saturday so I could pickup the latest Loose Feathers design by Blackbird Designs. What a treat. I just love the pattern, material, and threads.

Course, there was also another new pattern called "Summer Iris" that I had to pickup to go along with my latest collection of Blackbird designs.

I have also been working on Prairie Schooler limited edition Santas for the last several years. The latest 2009 Santa has come out and I had to also add that to my stash. Looks like I will be very busy trying to get these done and still trying make a huge dent in my stash. If the weather continues to be so hot outside I think I will be inside enjoying the cool air and stitching more.

Well, stitching, blogging and TV time is over. Time to pick up a good book and work myself into a peaceful night of sleep.

Happy Monday Stitchers......


Cathy B said...

Your Lizzie Kate piece is beautiful - not too much more to go!

staci said...

You'll have that last little bit whipped out in no time!

Love all your new stash, yummm!