Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Still Kicking

Don't you just hate those bloggers that disappear for weeks and weeks and weeks. Me too!!!Sorry.... So, what have I been up to you ask!!!!

Well, first, I had my nose in a book and just in case you didn't know, I am a very slow reader. I think I can stitch faster than I read a book. If you are dog lover you really need to read this book. It is by Garth Stein....

Course, it didn't take me four weeks to read this book. I spent a lot of time setting it down in between..... Going to Jackson Hole, WY in search of a moose.... I have always wanted to see a moose and now I can finally say I saw 7 of them all on the same trip.

It was a great trip. Started out in Jackson, Wy - moving on to the Grand Tetons - over to Yellowstone and then up to Glacier Park. Guess how many days....???? Give up...???? Try 3 days and 1480 miles later. Okay, it was the fastest trip ever but at least I got to spend the last three days relaxing in Jackson Hole looking for moose.

I really don't have much to show you on my stitching progress. I spent the most awful time FROGGING on my current project. Until I get over the FROGGING I just cannot get myself to take a photo of the progress. I am working on Lizzie Kate's "Living with Charm". Well, I don't feel too charming about it. Maybe I will get better at watching the pattern closer this weekend and will give you an update next week.

I am leaving you with a great picture taken at a farmer's market in Missoula MT. I wish I could have found a way to bring all of these flowers home with me besides the wonderful veggies.


Cathy B said...

What colorful flowers and veggies! Someday, I too would like to see a moose!

Jade said...

Ouch, frog visits are never pleasant. At least you had a nice trip. Can't wait for your next progress picture!