Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Picture Stitched

If you saw my last blog you saw that my SIL stitched up a picture of our church window for my mother.  Well, she surprised me last week with a stitched picture of my puppies.  What a treat.  Take a look:
She used a software from a website www.myphotostitch.com.  This is amazing. It is a perfect picture of Josie and Brinkley.  I love it.  And again, this one is also done on 14 count vinyl and done in one week.  All I can say is she is very talented and amazing.  THANK YOU SIS.....

Here is my progress on the latest Loose Feathers.  Heads up there is a mistake that was found in the pattern and you can get this information from Blackbird's blog on my blog list.

This is a short blog so I can get some stitching time in before bedtime.

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