Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Finishes

At last I have been productive with my stitching stash.  When you have a goal to get items done for something very important you seem to pick-up an astounding pace.  First up is a project I started on back in January of 2011 and then put it back in the stash pile.

Flag Day by With thy Needle & Thread
Conversion Design by Shepherd's Bush

Is this one great!!!!  I love the color changes and buttons.  I cannot wait to have this framed. I have a few great ideas.
Next up is a pattern that I saw at my LNH.  Several of the stitchers got together and came up with color changes in silks.  The shop owner at Inspired Needle put it together as a kit with fabric.  I just love this one. 

"Spring Robin" by Widgets & Wool Primitives
Conversions by Inspired Needle

The final completion of this month is.......

"Tis the Season" by Blackbird Designs

This one I did on a fabric called "Patina" and the only color that I changed was the white called Vanilla Pudding.  I changed it to Icing by Crescent Colours.  My photo does not give this picture true justification.  Hopefully once it is framed it will show up better. 

I cannot tell you how exciting it is to get three projects done and ready for finishing.  Next week I will let you all in on my secret adventure coming up.  In the meantime have a great week and lots of good stitching time.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Is Coming

Well, I finished an Easter Project this last weekend but forgot to take a picture of it before dropping it off to be framed.  So, here is the picture from the booklet.

I finished the Rabbit and it is very lovely.  A few years ago I did the basket of flowers (picture below).  I just love the colors in this project.
Yesterday I picked up the Garden of Love that I finished in February.  I just love the way this one was finished.

I love the plaid fabric. The purple color really makes this design stand out.

Happy Easter.....