Monday, March 10, 2014

Learning Sampler

Recently I joined an online class from Northern Expressions Needlework by Nicole Dostal. This class started back in Sept 2013 so you can guess that I am several lessons behind. I got my material and threads this past week. So, for the first week I have completed lesson one and I am starting up lesson two. Here is my progress:

Here is a picture of the color theme that I have selected:

I am anxious to move along further with this project or at least closer to where everyone else is.  I am working on 34 count Legacy Linen - color Wren Song.  This fabric is amazing and has made this project even more enjoyable.

Well, this is a short update on what I started this week and letting you see my progress.  I hope to keep up better with my blog in the next few weeks/months.

Happy Monday....


Ellen Whitlock said...

Your colors are gorgeous. Can't wait to see more of the sampler

Marilyn said...

It's very pretty Barb.
The colors are awesome.
Can't wait to see more of this.

Brigitte said...

A great start on this pieces. I love the colours you chose and I'm very curious to see how <ou will use them.

Ranae said...

Pretty colors
Finish more and bring it with you to the 2nd story
It's getting closer, can't wait!!