Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Blackbird and SamSarah Projects

Wow, I have truly fallen behind in my posting. Well, to let you know what I have recently finished here are a couple of pictures. The first picture is a design from Blackbird called "Easter Parade". This pattern offered two different patterns and so far I have just finished the basket but hope to get the rabbit pattern done next. I had this finished in a fancy victorian style to be a bit different. I just love how this turned out.
The next is a SamSarah pattern called "Creepy". I got the pattern and material from a retreat with Shepherd's Bush back in 2006 in Park City, Utah. I was lucky enough to get it finished the same way they had it done. It is always great to take a camera with you.
Hope you enjoy my "Josie". She will be a year old next weekend and is the pride and joy of my life. She has been a loving puppy that also likes to be in the center of attention. Course, I don't mind and she does look great next to my projects.
Signing off to finish up more stitching. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Watch for more updates to come.


Vonna said... your EP finish and the fancy ribbon just makes it!
The little pumpkin (whether we're talking pillow or puppy) is just adorable! :)

Christina said...

Your finishing is wonderful. Your stitching is great also. LOVE the puppy.