Sunday, March 21, 2010

Redwork Continues

Well, my goal of being caught up before the next class is coming closer to a reality. The following two letters C & D are done. Okay, well if you look closely at C you will notice that there still is one more candy cane to do. Well, the kit from class was missing this thread and I haven't gotten a chance to run out and buy one sooner. But at least I am happy to be starting E & F tonight as I sit down to watch my favorite Sunday shows.

Hope your weekend was good. I had a major tragedy this weekend. I thought I would start my spring cleaning and put my comforter into the washing machine and dryer to freshen it up. Well, the first step went okay but the second step was not as successful. Since it was taking a long time to dry I kept pulling it out and turning it around in the dryer trying to get it dry. Well, after several attempts it was dry. Well, not good. Found out that I dried it a bit too much and dryer was hotter than it needed to be. Have you ever smelled scorched material. Yep, got a couple of spots that got it. It was time for a new bedset but I know this will not be an easy task to find a replacement. Starting looking online last night and nothing knocked my socks off. Shopping here I come. UGH!!!!!

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Stitchy Mc Floss said...

These little guys are so cute. I can't wait to see them all.