Friday, March 12, 2010


Have you ever done redwork? I am hooked on the new techniques being used with the old form of redwork. But, I haven't ventured yet into much of it. My local quilt shop is offering a monthly project on Crabapple Hill's design "A to Zzz Snowmen. Course, just like my blog and cross stitching I am already a bit behind. I promised myself that I would stay on course with this monthly project but have already fallen behind. But, there is still time this month to stitch fast and catch up.
Here is part of the "A" for Angels:
Here is the "B" for bells:
This weekend I should have "C" for candy canes done and then it is off to "D" for Drummer. There is still hope before the next class that I will even get E/F done. Thankfully, they are grouped together.

The other day I had to make a trip out to my LNS to see what they brought back from Nashville Market. All I can say is I wish I could live 200 years to be able to stitch up all of the neat designs. It was hard to make a selection. Course, I had to pick up a Shepherd's Bush kit called "Lucky". I did spend some time last weekend stitching this up and have just a few items left to complete it and hopefully I can also finish it myself. Maybe this weekend along with my redwork.

Looks like I am having a bit of camera issues so I need to see what setting is off as to why I cannot get a good focus on the projects. I think it is mostly due to my ever increasing fat fingers.

I am looking for help on my blog. Does anyone know how to load in pictures to the spot where you want to place them? Every time I down load pictures I have to drag and drop them into my text. Tonight's try was not easy and there has to be a better way.

Well, time to get my redwork going before I fall asleep. Have a great weekend and thanks for coming back to see if I would ever get my blog going for 2010.

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