Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Finish - LJP Design

Hurray, I finally finished my first Laura J Perin Design.  It is called Sunflower Star.  When I selected and started this one a long time ago I selected colors to match the sunflower design in my kitchen.  This is so funny.  I finally get this done and guess what, we are in the process of painting and changing the kitchen.  It will no longer be sunflowers.  Oh well, I still love this design and will find another place for it in my home.  As to how to finish it is still a mystery.  I truly enjoy Laura's designs and have a couple others to do.  I have been good, I haven't purchased any new ones until I finish the two I have kitted and ready to go.

Here is my finish.....  Whooo Hooo!!!!!

I am still working on my halloween cross stitch project by Prairie Moon.  My progress is going slow on it but what else it new.  This truly is the time of year that I love to sit and stitch all day. That means nothing else gets done around the house.  In fact, the dogs continue to watch me and hope that I will stop at anytime and play with them.  Don't worry, they still get lots of attention. 

I leave you to continue my stitchy fun.... 


Vonna said...

Your counted needlepoint is lovely! I just finished my first one last night myself ;o)
And I love your Halloweenie Quaker...scary!

Lelia said...

Beautiful stitching (tho, I do favor yellow most of the time) the project is lovely

Get out your electric needles as Halloween will be here before we know it

Anonymous said...

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