Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Remember

Here is our downtown just now preparing for a memorial of Sept 11th.  This is a day that will live with all of us forever.

The flag is being held up by our ladder firetrucks across the square downtown as the prepare to have the memorial. 

This weekend I got together with my friends to start the Prairie Schooler "ABC Girl Club".  We are all working on different letters from the Prairie Schooler Letter Charts.  We have decided that since we cannot get together to stitch that we will report in on the 10th of each month with our progress.  Hopefully this will help us all drive towards achieving this project as timely as possible.

First up is Ellen, she got a head start on us.  She is working on Letter A and is doing her letters vertically.

25 count Lugana - Bone
Working Vertically

Next up is Terry, she is starting at the bottom with Letter Z.  Here is her progress from last night.

28 Count Lugana - Potato
Working Horizontally

And lastly here is my progress.  I basted my material so I can jump around.  Since Halloween is my favorite I selected J for Jack-O-Lantern. 

25 Count Lugana - Potato
Working Horizontally

Today the weather is perfect for relaxing and stitching the day away.  Hopefully my eyes will hold out.  I have so many projects underway that I just don't know where to start.

Enjoy your day as you think about Sept 11th.....  God Bless America.......

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Lelia said...

Enjoy the PS letters - I think I have one chart "e".

I am home from O'Hare - dropped off DH. There were extra security at the departure doors in the terminal.

It was a beautiful drive there and back. Couldn't help recalling the trip we took to NYCity. When at ground zero, it took my breath away. There are really no words to describe. Also visited St P Cathedral and Timothy Chapel - the firehouse, etc. Quite an emotional visit, yet, if I had the opportunity, I'd move there.