Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Stitchers

Thanksgiving Ghost
The last piece of apple pie is gone;
How did it disappear?
The bowl of delicious stuffingHas also vanished, I fear.
It happens each Thanksgiving,When leftover goodies flee,
And each of us knows the responsible one
Couldn’t be you or me.
The only way it could happen
Is readily diagnosed;
It must be the crafty, incredibly sneaky,
Still hungry
Thanksgiving ghost.

By Karl Fuchs
Hope that all you fellow stitchers find time today to sit a bit and stitch today. I am enjoying a quiet morning before all the family time starts to watch the Macy's parade and stitch up "Gobble Gertie" from Bent Creek. Maybe I will have it done for tomorrow and pictures to follow later.
Enjoy your day......

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denisebrown111 said...

Just a note that many are missing your blog!
Hope all is well.
Merry Christmas, Denise