Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bad, Bad Blogger

Okay, so I am heading towards getting a huge lump of coal for xmas since I have been a really bad blogger. Sorry.... What can I say. First Thanksgiving was here and with the weather being nice I had to go outside and help with the yard decorations for xmas. So, with that done the next job was to start thinking about ideas for xmas presents but that didn't happen too quickly. WHY!!!! Well, let me tell you the great news. Josie went to test for her certification to be a Therapy Dog. Yippee, she did it with flying colors. We were so proud of her. Now it is time for me to sit down and fill out the paperwork that goes along with the testing. YUCK..... I hate paperwork. Okay, so now another week has passed by and what did I get done in stitching?
During the week after Thanksgiving I started and finished.... Gertie Gobble from Bent Creek.

I hope to make her into a standup but that will have to wait until after xmas. So, next I felt like doing a bit of knitting and made a couple of dishcloths from a pattern for Breast Cancer Awareness that I found on the Internet. I just love the pink cotton yarn I found.

If you are interested in getting this easy pattern go to http://knitwits-heaven.tripod.com/breast_cancer_awarenesst.htm. This was a very quick project. Course, then I got excited to find a couple of xmas patterns to knit but gave up when the first one didn't turn out. Okay, so maybe knitting isn't my favorite hobby. So, to wind down from that disater I decided I needed to read a book and picked up Nicholas Spark's book called "The Guardian". It was so good I couldn't stop reading to pick up my cross stitch or update my blog. Again, bad, bad, bad blogger.

Since my shopping is just about done, the xmas tree is up and decorated, I allowed myself to pick up a bit of stitching and worked a tiny bit more on La-D-Da's Bushel & a Peck. I don't think this will be done in time for xmas since we still need to wrap the gifts, put up the xmas village, and bake some cookies. Oh yeah, and the most important part, attend a few parties.

Maybe I will be more together next year..... Or not....

JOSIE - sends you love and happiness for a great holiday season and blessings for a great 2009.
Till I find time to sit and blog again, have a safe and quiet night.....

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Margit said...

Your Gertie Gobble is lovely!