Monday, September 20, 2010


The weekend is over and I did finish a project that involves snowmen but just not my redwork project A-Z Snowmen. Here is what I did finish.
I spent time over the weekend going through a few bags that contained UFO's. When I ran across this one that was short one snowman at the end I figured it was possible to finish this up in time to drop off at Michael's to be framed at 60% off. Thanks to Connie at The Spinster Stitcher I found the sale. So, off today I went to Michael's with The Cross-Eyed Cricket's "A Well-Dressed Man". I started this picture several years ago during time off for surgery. Once I went back to all of my regular activities which included night classes this project went back into a bag and got lost in the bin of UFO's. So, another weekend gone and many more lost hours on my redwork project. So, cross your fingers that I get some time and attention back to it.

With the fall weather approaching so quickly and nights getting darker earlier all I can think about is sitting and stitching. Hope all of your projects are going well.
Thanks for the comments on my last posting. I know that I have been a bad blogger but I am working on becoming a better blogger and faster stitcher.


vEr0n!c@ said...

Your snowmen are so cute! Congratulations on the finish.

Rachel said...

Cute finish!

Glenna said...

I love the snowmen! And yeah, I agree--fall's coming, the nights start sooner, and all I can think of is stitching!

Sharon said...

Too cute! Congrats.

Lelia said...

sent you an e-mail, hope to see you this week-end!