Sunday, October 3, 2010

Redwork Update

Finally sat down and worked hard to finish another letter on my A-Z Snowmen project. Here is "I". I just love the way he turned out.

This project has to go into high speed since it is getting ready to end and I am so far behind. If only I could stitch a letter a day I would be all caught up.

Well, outside of being behind on the snowmen I did enjoy time in Park City, Utah attending Shepherd's Bush retreat. I took classes from Shepherd's Bush, R&R Reproductions, and Thread Gatherer. Also at this retreat was Blackbird Designs, Charland, and Jeanette Douglas. If you ever get a chance to attend this retreat please do. It is a great way to meet designers and hear more about the work they do.

Prior to the retreat on Thursday we made our way into Ogden and stopped at the studio of Jill Rensel. This is were I dropped off my picture of the "Skeleton Crew" for framing. Jill had one on display that she just framed and it was amazing. As soon as I get the picture of my friend's camera I will post it on this blog. I cannot wait for mine to come back. I did see other projects framed and I have to admit that I have more to get done and take back for framing in 2012.

Here are the pictures of the projects.

This first one is the class project from Shepherd's Bush. I just love this one.

The second class of the retreat was a project bag to stitch from R&R Reproduction. This is my friend Ellen holding it up and also very excited to stitch hers. Too bad you cannot see her smiling face.

Our last class was with Thread Gatherer and what a neat project. It is a scrapbook with fabric and includes a bit of cross stitch and lots of dyed threads. My mind is racing with ideas on how to put the pages inside of this book together. We got the supplies to do this front and back pages.

I know if you search around many a few other blogs you will find some really great pictures of the other projects from the retreat. So much to do and so little time to fit it all in

We had a wonderful trip and got to see some really spectacular sites. We spent an afternoon on Antelope Island and got these great shots of bison and antelopes.

Well, letter J is calling my name and this is a really good night to sit and stitch.

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Katrina said...

Love all your retreat photos!!! I was there too, I think the best one so far :-). It was my third time going and hopefully not my last. I took the Blackbird Track.