Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Snowman Weekend

Before I show you my recent project completions I have to say that my picture quality tonight is really bad and I am way too tired to redo them. Sorry......

I have to thank the ladies at Michael's for their help in framing my picture "Cloths Make the Man". I just love it and cannot wait to set it out for the holidays. This picture doesn't show you the wonderful colors of the mats and the beautiful frame. It is amazing.

The frame is silver but has a few color tones in it that helps to pickup all of the each of the lovely snowmen. I put little black buttons on each of the snowmen which really makes their outfits pop. Not sure which one is my favorite but I have to say that the Captain has really grabbed my attention.

I did have some success on my Redwork project. Here is J, N, and an update on C that was missing a candy cane.

Tonight I started working my Halloween decorations. I have only gotten a few items up but I wanted to share them with you. Again, these are very dark but I have to admit it looks great in the family room.

I am so excited to have finished a couple of Blackbird designs for fall. I have to work on getting more done for Christmas.
Well, the doggies are wanting some playtime before we all go to sleep. Have a great evening and enjoy your stitching time.

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