Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Watch is Closer....

I guess tomorrow will be a very long day since to watch the Royal wedding will require getting up at 3am.  Hope you enjoy the wedding as much as we will.

Here is my progress on Sunflower Star by Laura Perin.  I just love this design so much.  After I get this one done I have couple others in my stash that I cannot wait to start.

And lastly here is my very slow progress on "Soar Sampler".  I have to say that working with a very dark fabric is a challenge.  It is taking a bit longer to progress but with all the rain we are having I think there will be more stitching time in my future this weekend.

The other item that is also slowing me down this week is that a book I have been waiting for from the library came in.  It is called the "The Paris Wife".  Since I only have 14 days to read it in on my Nook I have to get it done.  There are several people behind me that have it on hold which means I cannot renew it if I don't get it done.  So, now you can see why my stitching is a bit behind this week.

Enjoy the wedding and the weekend.


sheri said...

I am so looking forward to the Royal Wedding! I'll have to get up at 4 AM to watch. I thought that was bad enough! But we will do it.

Sunflower Star is really pretty. I haven't seen that one before. And Soar Sampler is gorgeous.

Enjoy the Wedding Festivities!!!

Lelia said...

I'm watching the t.v. coverage already (cbs started at 3am). What fun.

Your stitching is lovely - the eagle sampler is moving along. Nice colors on the Sunflower Star.