Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's New!!!

Well, well, well. That is all I can say to everyone that has been telling me I am way behind on my blogging. SORRY..... Okay, so I have been busy working in the yard, doing spring cleaning, playing with the doggies, and oh yeah, stitching a lot but really haven't gotten anything done.

I recently went the International Quilt festival in Chicago and found a really great lap-stitch frame.

This is from a family owned operations in Wisc. Here is a link to their website plus a picture of the owner. It was really nice to get a chance to talk to him and also to view his cross stitch work.

So, what is attached to the frame is a project that I have been secretly working on. It is a design from Shepherd's Bush that I got from taking a recent class from them. Here is a really neat shot of a section I just finished. (Get the hint, this is a big piece for me)

For Mother's day I did treat myself to a new pattern. I got Lizzie Kate's ABC Lessons and the material I got to stitch it on is called Chai Tea. It has a really neat color variation to it. I wanted to do something different. Sorry this doesn't show up better.

Got to run. Storms are headed our way and I wanted to get this posted before we loss power or whatever else could happen. Be safe and keep stitching....