Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012 First Completion

I did it, here is my first finish of 2012.  Not bad, got this pattern a few weeks ago and was able to fit it into my project rotations.

Sorry for the bad picture.  We are busy watching the Super Bowl and I didn't want to miss out on the action. 

Poor baby, I think Brinkley is ready for bed.

Goodnight everyone......

February Stitching

There has been a lot of progress going on in my projects but I know that my blog has not represented it lately.  Everytime I think I am going to sit down and post there isn't either enough time to take pictures, poor lightening, or I am just too tired to get the laptop or camera out.  So, today I was on mission to iron my projects and take advantage of daylight for photos. 

First: Inspired Needle in Lemont is working with a group of stitchers to offer a new small project each month of 2012.  I didn't pick up the January project but did grab the opportunity to do the February project which is "Garden of Love" by Citrouille's Designs.  I just love the fabric and threads that were put into this kit.  The threads are what the pattern called for.

Second:  Margaret Cottam by La D Da.  I just love this design and currently working on Part 2.  It took me a while to be excited by using only one thread on this design but the more I have done the greater it is looking.

Next up, I continue to work on the following designs from Blackbird Designs - Loose Feathers and With thy Needle & Thread - mystery sampler Birds of a Feather.

Lastly, I have done a bit of progress on Winter Floral Sampler from the designer Knotted Tree.  I just love the colors and how they pop on this fabric.

At the end of 2011 I did finish a project but didn't get a picture taken of it.  I am attending a class this Friday at Inspired Needle which we will put our finished projects onto a box as shown on the pattern by Blackbird.  This design is called Morning Star.  I love this.....

I hope to get a good scan of this pattern that I completed and add it to a necklace.  Right now the printer and I are not playing well together.  I will send DH to tackle it.  Course, only after he finishes the wonderful roast he put in the oven today.

The last update that I have really been behind on is the ABC Stitching Gals project.  There are three of us working on Prairie Schoolers ABCs and so far I am way, way, way behind on this project.  I did work more the other day on the pumpkin but I think someone is taking out the stitches on me since I am not able to get to the end of this pumpkin.  Here is my progress.... UGH......

Ellen has gotten a lot done on hers.  She off onto her third letter.  Here is her progress:

Keep up the good work Ellen.  Cannot wait to see what you send to me next.

As soon as I finish up my February small Garden of Love I have two new projects to decide on.  They are both for February but I think this will one will be my focus.  It is With Thy Needle & Thread's -
Be My Valentine. 

This was an easy decision since I get to eat the chocolates first.  Yummmmmmm

Well, see, I have been doing a lot of stitching.  Just a slow blogger.  I haven't set any goals for 2012 like I failed at in 2011 but I have changed the way I sit down and stitch.  Each time I sit down to stitch I pick up one of these projects and have made a habit of switching to a different one the next time.  If I have a good week of stitching I should be able to touch each of them with at least an hour of stitching time.

As I was taking pictures of my projects my the living room window I happened to look outside and caught this picture.  I am going to call it the "Lady in Pink".  This girl was completely dressed in pink and was walking her standard size poodle.  The poor poodle had its head dyed pink to match her coat.  I wish I had a better camera that was able to get a closer shot.  Enjoy....

 That poor dog....  I wonder how long the pink dye lasts or if it will run in the rain.