Friday, December 31, 2010

Finish to 2010

It is so hard to believe that Christmas has come to an end and we will be starting a new year.  I wanted to make sure that I did one final posting for 2010 of a finish so I worked at completing Christmas Eve by Prairie Schooler.  I am very excited with the finish and debating on whether to put this into a box top or just to frame it.

Also, I have not been good on providing any updates on A to Z Snowmen project.  We did have our last class at the beginning of the month but due to the holidays and other issues the project got set aside.  Before putting it down I did complete Q.

I am planning on working hard to get it completed before February so that I can take a hand quilting class and learn how to finish this project by hand.  I think this will be a good finish for this project.

There have been several postings on many different blogs about the 2011 January Challenge.  I did think about it and did put together two stitching bags.  One contains 15 new kitted projects and the other contains 15 UFOs that are anywhere from 5% complete up to 85% complete.  I know that tomorrow I will pull out a new project and start it since that is suppose to be the tradition.  After that I am trying to figure out if I switch between the two bags and see if that will work in helping me to complete more projects for 2011.  Someone stated on their blog that they completed 58 projects in 2010.  WOW, how is that possible.  Looking at what I did for 2010 I look like a beginner.  Completing three projects and working on the A to Z quilt sounds awful.  So, my goal for 2011 is to hit at least 15 projects as the challenge states.  This is a huge step for me and will require resourceful use of my free time in doing this.  Free time, well that is the other problem.  I think I dream more of stitching than I actually do since during my sleep is about all of the free time I have.

We hope your holiday was wonderful and I will leave you with a picture of two doggies that Santa spoiled this year.  They had so much fun on Christmas Eve that they fell asleep under the tree even though gifts were still being exchanged and Christmas music was filling the air.

Happy New Year and I am very excited to see what new designs and projects come our way in 2011.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

November Snowman Progress

Wow, almost forgot to stop all of my stitching progress and update my blog for the past several weeks. I have been so busy concentrating on getting A to Zzzz Snowmen done that I forgot to let you in on my progress. Next month is our last class and we will be getting the last two letters. I am anxious to find out more about finishing this into a quilt for next year's Christmas decorations. We did discuss a bit about doing some hand quilting and since this is not my area of expertise I think I will give it a try. We did get the material for the inner border and it is amazing. It is candy canes.

Instead of showing each of the following letters that I have finished I have put them into a grouping so that it will be easier for me to post.

I forced myself to go back to the letter E and F and finish up the fly stitch that I really didn't feel good at doing. After getting it done I am a bit happier. The letter M for Mittens is done except for the fly stitch so I need to pull it back out and get it done also. This project has been so much fun that I have signed up for another one next year at the same shop. This time we are going to color the designs instead of stitch them. So, stay tuned to hear about my ability to color.

A couple of weekends ago I did set aside a fun weekend just devoted to cross stitch. I pulled out Christmas Eve that I had recently gotten the material and threads for from Shepherd Bush. They had a picture on their blog of a conversion of the material and threads that I just loved. I am almost done with it and hope to finish it up on "BLACK FRIDAY" evening. I figured this would be a good treat for relaxing after a busy Thanksgiving week. Here is what I have done so far.
I was waiting for a good bright day to take a picture of my "Skeleton Crew" that I had done by Jill Rensel in Utah. Today seemed like a good day but it looks like my shot is a bit blurry. Sorry, but I think you can still see how wonderful this project looks with the great matting, cutouts, and frame. It will be sad to put this away until next year.

I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving. May your travels and time together be a safe and happy time.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Snowman Weekend

Before I show you my recent project completions I have to say that my picture quality tonight is really bad and I am way too tired to redo them. Sorry......

I have to thank the ladies at Michael's for their help in framing my picture "Cloths Make the Man". I just love it and cannot wait to set it out for the holidays. This picture doesn't show you the wonderful colors of the mats and the beautiful frame. It is amazing.

The frame is silver but has a few color tones in it that helps to pickup all of the each of the lovely snowmen. I put little black buttons on each of the snowmen which really makes their outfits pop. Not sure which one is my favorite but I have to say that the Captain has really grabbed my attention.

I did have some success on my Redwork project. Here is J, N, and an update on C that was missing a candy cane.

Tonight I started working my Halloween decorations. I have only gotten a few items up but I wanted to share them with you. Again, these are very dark but I have to admit it looks great in the family room.

I am so excited to have finished a couple of Blackbird designs for fall. I have to work on getting more done for Christmas.
Well, the doggies are wanting some playtime before we all go to sleep. Have a great evening and enjoy your stitching time.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Redwork Update

Finally sat down and worked hard to finish another letter on my A-Z Snowmen project. Here is "I". I just love the way he turned out.

This project has to go into high speed since it is getting ready to end and I am so far behind. If only I could stitch a letter a day I would be all caught up.

Well, outside of being behind on the snowmen I did enjoy time in Park City, Utah attending Shepherd's Bush retreat. I took classes from Shepherd's Bush, R&R Reproductions, and Thread Gatherer. Also at this retreat was Blackbird Designs, Charland, and Jeanette Douglas. If you ever get a chance to attend this retreat please do. It is a great way to meet designers and hear more about the work they do.

Prior to the retreat on Thursday we made our way into Ogden and stopped at the studio of Jill Rensel. This is were I dropped off my picture of the "Skeleton Crew" for framing. Jill had one on display that she just framed and it was amazing. As soon as I get the picture of my friend's camera I will post it on this blog. I cannot wait for mine to come back. I did see other projects framed and I have to admit that I have more to get done and take back for framing in 2012.

Here are the pictures of the projects.

This first one is the class project from Shepherd's Bush. I just love this one.

The second class of the retreat was a project bag to stitch from R&R Reproduction. This is my friend Ellen holding it up and also very excited to stitch hers. Too bad you cannot see her smiling face.

Our last class was with Thread Gatherer and what a neat project. It is a scrapbook with fabric and includes a bit of cross stitch and lots of dyed threads. My mind is racing with ideas on how to put the pages inside of this book together. We got the supplies to do this front and back pages.

I know if you search around many a few other blogs you will find some really great pictures of the other projects from the retreat. So much to do and so little time to fit it all in

We had a wonderful trip and got to see some really spectacular sites. We spent an afternoon on Antelope Island and got these great shots of bison and antelopes.

Well, letter J is calling my name and this is a really good night to sit and stitch.

Monday, September 20, 2010


The weekend is over and I did finish a project that involves snowmen but just not my redwork project A-Z Snowmen. Here is what I did finish.
I spent time over the weekend going through a few bags that contained UFO's. When I ran across this one that was short one snowman at the end I figured it was possible to finish this up in time to drop off at Michael's to be framed at 60% off. Thanks to Connie at The Spinster Stitcher I found the sale. So, off today I went to Michael's with The Cross-Eyed Cricket's "A Well-Dressed Man". I started this picture several years ago during time off for surgery. Once I went back to all of my regular activities which included night classes this project went back into a bag and got lost in the bin of UFO's. So, another weekend gone and many more lost hours on my redwork project. So, cross your fingers that I get some time and attention back to it.

With the fall weather approaching so quickly and nights getting darker earlier all I can think about is sitting and stitching. Hope all of your projects are going well.
Thanks for the comments on my last posting. I know that I have been a bad blogger but I am working on becoming a better blogger and faster stitcher.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Finished Picture

Happy Dance.... Here it is. I am so excited to have this done. I really loved the way it turned out. I did the skeletons in glow in the dark threads. The thread is awful to work with but it is really neat to see the skeletons glowing at night.

I found my Prairie Schooler project "Christmas Eve" that I had on my WIP listing. So, here is my next UFO to complete. I figured it was better to get a Christmas picture done at this time since it will probably take me into November to finish this. Yes, that is right, why? I have the Redwork A - Z Snowman project to complete also and it is going to get my full attention this weekend. I hope to get letters I and J done this weekend and give you a progress update on Monday. So, hold me to it. Your comments and support will help me reach this. So leave me a COMMENT.... I know you are reading my blog since I can see the number increasing on visitors....

Well, the dogs are fighting over their food bowls tonight and I have to go and put an end to it. Silly dogs, they both have the exact food in the bowls. Why can't they get along and just eat their food like good little Shelties..... Wow, the fight just hit a high, had to run and put an end to it. Off to bed early someone goes and it won't be me. I want to watch TV and stitch for fun.
Hurry weekend, I need more stitching time.....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

America's Got a Finish

Well, it is late at night and very dark outside but my happiness is creating sunshine in the room. Yep, with six days left to go I have finished "Skeleton Crew". It took me just under 8 weeks to stitch this project. What a joy to have it done and on time for framing. But, since it needs to be pressed and it is too dark for a good photo you will have to wait one more day for me to post a picture of my finished project. But, I had to let you know it is done......

Now, I really need to head back to my redwork project and pull out other projects that are in progress.

Come back tomorrow for the picture of the finished project.

Goodnight to you all and happy stitching......

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day

Isn't it great to have an extended weekend. We need more of them. Course, that would mean I would spend more time wasting a day away stitching. Okay, it really isn't wasting the day when progress is made on such a special piece (Skeleton Crew). I am truly enjoying this one which means I have started thinking about what to start next.

I need get a couple of new patterns this last week and until I decided which will be the next project I will keep it a secret for now.

More work is also needed on the redwork project. Not much to really capture yet but as soon as the Skeleton Crew is done I really have to get some serious stitching done on it. The teacher mentioned at the last class that we should be getting ready to finish up and start working on putting it together into a holiday quilt. I am not a quilter but really looking forward to getting this one done with their help.

Well, time to call it a night. Hope your weekend was as enjoyable in stitching as mine.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Project and Blog Jail

Well, summer is over and I haven't done enough to brag on my blog about what I did on my summer projects. Right now I am working fast and hard on "Skeleton Crew" by The Cross-Eyed Cricket collection. My goal is to have this done by Sept 22 or 23rd so that I can drop it off at a really special place for very special framing. Stay tuned and I promise to keep you posted with the outcome. I hope this is better than the other items I am working on.

As for my redwork project. Well, can I say that I am not the only student that is behind. I'm not. I promise.... I do have a couple other letters done except for one silly stitch that I cannot seem to get a handle on yet. Or at least good enough to post. That is the fly stitch. I need to practice this one since all the blocks are sewn together and then the seam is covered up with the fly stitch. As soon as the Skeleton Crew is done my attention is to finish this project in time with the class.

Well, I have been a bad blogger but I have a good excuse. I have been busy spending lots of family time with my family. We have done many cookouts, movies, and lots of other fun things this summer. Now that fall is setting in and everyone has gone home it will be back to serious tasks of stitching tons.

This one is a quick post. Time to run and have dinner. After dinner it will be stitching time. Enjoy....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Redwork Continues

Well, my goal of being caught up before the next class is coming closer to a reality. The following two letters C & D are done. Okay, well if you look closely at C you will notice that there still is one more candy cane to do. Well, the kit from class was missing this thread and I haven't gotten a chance to run out and buy one sooner. But at least I am happy to be starting E & F tonight as I sit down to watch my favorite Sunday shows.

Hope your weekend was good. I had a major tragedy this weekend. I thought I would start my spring cleaning and put my comforter into the washing machine and dryer to freshen it up. Well, the first step went okay but the second step was not as successful. Since it was taking a long time to dry I kept pulling it out and turning it around in the dryer trying to get it dry. Well, after several attempts it was dry. Well, not good. Found out that I dried it a bit too much and dryer was hotter than it needed to be. Have you ever smelled scorched material. Yep, got a couple of spots that got it. It was time for a new bedset but I know this will not be an easy task to find a replacement. Starting looking online last night and nothing knocked my socks off. Shopping here I come. UGH!!!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010


Have you ever done redwork? I am hooked on the new techniques being used with the old form of redwork. But, I haven't ventured yet into much of it. My local quilt shop is offering a monthly project on Crabapple Hill's design "A to Zzz Snowmen. Course, just like my blog and cross stitching I am already a bit behind. I promised myself that I would stay on course with this monthly project but have already fallen behind. But, there is still time this month to stitch fast and catch up.
Here is part of the "A" for Angels:
Here is the "B" for bells:
This weekend I should have "C" for candy canes done and then it is off to "D" for Drummer. There is still hope before the next class that I will even get E/F done. Thankfully, they are grouped together.

The other day I had to make a trip out to my LNS to see what they brought back from Nashville Market. All I can say is I wish I could live 200 years to be able to stitch up all of the neat designs. It was hard to make a selection. Course, I had to pick up a Shepherd's Bush kit called "Lucky". I did spend some time last weekend stitching this up and have just a few items left to complete it and hopefully I can also finish it myself. Maybe this weekend along with my redwork.

Looks like I am having a bit of camera issues so I need to see what setting is off as to why I cannot get a good focus on the projects. I think it is mostly due to my ever increasing fat fingers.

I am looking for help on my blog. Does anyone know how to load in pictures to the spot where you want to place them? Every time I down load pictures I have to drag and drop them into my text. Tonight's try was not easy and there has to be a better way.

Well, time to get my redwork going before I fall asleep. Have a great weekend and thanks for coming back to see if I would ever get my blog going for 2010.