Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 2014 - First Post for Year

Happy 2014....

Stitching has been moving along but not as fast as I see others have done.  I got a UFO project done early last month as part of a challenge project for the Lake Michigan Sampler guild.  We had to sign up for a UFO project that we would get completed by year end.  I had hoped to take it in to have framed before the next meeting but I did not get that accomplished.  So, here is a shot of my wrinkled La-D-Da Margaret Cottam project.

I had stashed it away somewhere in the middle of Part 2.  The challenge really helped me push to getting it done.  Now I cannot wait to have it framed.

On Thanksgiving weekend I started Hibernation Day by Heartstring Samplery.  I cannot put this one down and have been working on it as much as I could during the holiday.  I really love the colors on this one.

I am getting close to the bottom and past the longest stitching area - the houses.  I did not use the color fabric called for and did find something else to substitute with.  Pictures just cannot show you the true color affect.

During 2013 I took three more classes from Ellen Chester.  So, now I have three more class projects to add to my stash.  The Lady's Worke Box project from 2012 is all stitched.  Now I need to sit down and do the finishing.....  I have been meeting monthly with the other class attendees so that we can keep pushing each other along.  This has been very helpful.  Just hope the snow stops so that I can make the January meeting.

Here is another project that I added to my stash from Ellen's class.

This is a limited edition called A Petit Sampling Etui.  She got together with a few other designers to create this project.  There is another one that was from a prior year called A Noble Pursuit.  I do have that one also and really should do it first since I have it kitted.

I went to Inspired Needle's retreat this past October and need to show you a few pictures that I took.

Kim - Rita and I missed not seeing you.  We did keep you around..... (Kim is the stick figure)

Here is Anna with her finish.  Guess what, the Designer - Jan Alexander was here also.  What a great way to celebrate a finish.

Here are a couple more projects that ladies got done and even finished at the retreat. 

Hope your holidays were safe and warm.  Enjoy the rest of the winter stitching.