Sunday, July 20, 2014

Online Class Update

Usually when I take a class either online or in person I never seem to stay up to date with progress needed to complete the design.  But for some reason I cannot seem to put this one down.  Tonight I finished up Part 7 on this needlepoint design by Kathy Rees.  I just cannot wait to start each new square to see how the colors will work with the last set done.  It is such a great surprise to see.  

Here is Part 7:

I hope you find a project that charges you with this much excitement.

Happy Sunday....

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Been Stitching

Lately I have been signing up and doing lots of different classes.  Right now I am doing one via Shining Needle Society called Sudoku by Needle Delights Originals by Kathy Rees.  It just started last week and I am already way ahead to part five.

Also, I have been busy trying to find time to work on the Learning Sampler.  Here is my progress on Part 4.

I am glad that the summer weather has been a bit cooler than normal lately.  It makes it easier to sit and enjoy stitching outside on the patio.

Just got back from visiting Jill Rensel's studio last week.  Her work is amazing and I dropped off Hibernation Day.  I cannot wait to see how it turns out.  It is always fun to see the final results of her work.  She had lots of projects on display getting ready to be shipped.  It helps to remind me of projects that I have and need to finish.  Then I know how she has finished them for others and I really want the same thing.

One more item, I finished a class that I took in May with our local guild.  It is a counted canvas project that fits inside of a beautiful music box.  

Have a good weekend and Happy Stitching...  

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Learning Sampler Update

Happy Sunday, hope that the sun is shining for you today and the weather is warmer than what we have had lately.  Course, I think they are still talking about more snow in the upcoming week.  YUCK.  It has been so great to finally see the ground again.  There is one small mound of snow in the front yard that the sun is unable to reach but I can tell that it is getting smaller.

I have been busy trying to catch up with the Learning Sampler by Northern Expressions Needlework.  Tomorrow Part 8 comes out and I am trying to finish up Part 3 this weekend.  I think it might be doable.

This is how it looked after completing Part 2.  Hopefully later this week I can show you Part 3 done.

This is really been a fun sampler to work on and I have been doing a lot of neat specialty stitches that I have done before but not in the combinations that this design is calling for.  If you are interested in doing this pattern contact Nicole and sign up.

Last Sunday I finished up a UFO for Monday UFO but I left it at the LNS to be finished.  So, all I can show you is a photo of the picture from the pattern.

This is Good Eggs by "The Triology".  It is a pattern back from 2004 that I had started and then put it away for a rainy day.  I need to look in my stash today and find something to finish up tomorrow night.  I have a idea but not sure I can get it done in one night but will try.

Enjoy your day stitching and relaxing......

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Patrick's Day

Monday's are going to turn into UFO project day for me.  If I pick up something within my UFO stash that are close to being done I should be able to get the stash reduced.  Today I was able to finish up Lucky by Shepherd's Bush.

Sorry for the wrinkles.  I was hoping to get this finished tonight and uploaded.  It is late and time to call it night.

Hope you enjoyed your St Patrick's Day.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Learning Sampler

Recently I joined an online class from Northern Expressions Needlework by Nicole Dostal. This class started back in Sept 2013 so you can guess that I am several lessons behind. I got my material and threads this past week. So, for the first week I have completed lesson one and I am starting up lesson two. Here is my progress:

Here is a picture of the color theme that I have selected:

I am anxious to move along further with this project or at least closer to where everyone else is.  I am working on 34 count Legacy Linen - color Wren Song.  This fabric is amazing and has made this project even more enjoyable.

Well, this is a short update on what I started this week and letting you see my progress.  I hope to keep up better with my blog in the next few weeks/months.

Happy Monday....

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 2014 - First Post for Year

Happy 2014....

Stitching has been moving along but not as fast as I see others have done.  I got a UFO project done early last month as part of a challenge project for the Lake Michigan Sampler guild.  We had to sign up for a UFO project that we would get completed by year end.  I had hoped to take it in to have framed before the next meeting but I did not get that accomplished.  So, here is a shot of my wrinkled La-D-Da Margaret Cottam project.

I had stashed it away somewhere in the middle of Part 2.  The challenge really helped me push to getting it done.  Now I cannot wait to have it framed.

On Thanksgiving weekend I started Hibernation Day by Heartstring Samplery.  I cannot put this one down and have been working on it as much as I could during the holiday.  I really love the colors on this one.

I am getting close to the bottom and past the longest stitching area - the houses.  I did not use the color fabric called for and did find something else to substitute with.  Pictures just cannot show you the true color affect.

During 2013 I took three more classes from Ellen Chester.  So, now I have three more class projects to add to my stash.  The Lady's Worke Box project from 2012 is all stitched.  Now I need to sit down and do the finishing.....  I have been meeting monthly with the other class attendees so that we can keep pushing each other along.  This has been very helpful.  Just hope the snow stops so that I can make the January meeting.

Here is another project that I added to my stash from Ellen's class.

This is a limited edition called A Petit Sampling Etui.  She got together with a few other designers to create this project.  There is another one that was from a prior year called A Noble Pursuit.  I do have that one also and really should do it first since I have it kitted.

I went to Inspired Needle's retreat this past October and need to show you a few pictures that I took.

Kim - Rita and I missed not seeing you.  We did keep you around..... (Kim is the stick figure)

Here is Anna with her finish.  Guess what, the Designer - Jan Alexander was here also.  What a great way to celebrate a finish.

Here are a couple more projects that ladies got done and even finished at the retreat. 

Hope your holidays were safe and warm.  Enjoy the rest of the winter stitching.