Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Halloween Feeling and Giveaway

Isn't it amazing all of the new Halloween patterns that are coming out and what fun it is to see everyone busy working on them.  I found the following Giveaway that you just have to go over and look at:

This is so adorable.  It will be given away on Sept 1st.  Good luck everyone but I hope I win it.

I spent some time working on Prairie Moon halloween pattern.  I noticed an error in the pattern and by following the picture I put the missing items in.  I hope they look okay.  It is around the skull head.  The line above it was not on the pattern or the crosses.

I cannot wait to stitch the new Blackbird Design Halloween Eve.  I think this one will be close to the size of the one I did of theirs a few years ago. 

Good luck on your projects.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Picture Stitched

If you saw my last blog you saw that my SIL stitched up a picture of our church window for my mother.  Well, she surprised me last week with a stitched picture of my puppies.  What a treat.  Take a look:
She used a software from a website  This is amazing. It is a perfect picture of Josie and Brinkley.  I love it.  And again, this one is also done on 14 count vinyl and done in one week.  All I can say is she is very talented and amazing.  THANK YOU SIS.....

Here is my progress on the latest Loose Feathers.  Heads up there is a mistake that was found in the pattern and you can get this information from Blackbird's blog on my blog list.

This is a short blog so I can get some stitching time in before bedtime.