Sunday, March 6, 2011

What Did You Work On This Weekend?????

I had a great weekend of working on projects.  So, what did I do?

Friday I spent time working on a UFO project that I put into my bag of 15 projects for 2011.  I am working on Winter Wonderland by Blackbird Designs.

I have finished one old project from the bag which is another Loose Feather's design from Blackbird Designs but I haven't taken a picture of it yet.  It was my first finish for 2011 in January but being that I am a very slow blogger it has been updated to my blog yet.  Need to capture a good shot of it and update my accomplishments for 2011.

On Saturday I went with my BFF to a class that we are taking of a design by Crabapple Hill Designs called Over the River and Through the Woods.  We are quilting squares and painting.  On Saturday we learned how to use fabric markers to highlight the coloring with crayons that we did.  Here is a small example of what I worked on.  The tree on the left has both crayon and fabric marker on it.  The tree on the right is only with crayon.  This is lots of fun but very time consuming.

On Sunday I was looking around at blogs and saw a few neat designs of needlework that made me go looking for a project that I started years ago and have left in a box wasting away.  It is a design by Laura Perin called Sunflower Star.  I have a lot of it done and it is terrible that I have never picked it back up to finish.  Well, now is the time.

Recently I had the chance to go to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to see the Colonial Embroidery display.  I feel in love with all of the samplers on display.  Here is done by a Prudence Clark that she did in 1757 when see was 11 years old.  This is so amazing.

We had such a wonderful weekend.  Here is a shot of the park next to our hotel.  It looked so pretty.

Course, it was the weekend before Valentine's Day and this really added to the beauty of the weekend.

We have had so much snow around here that I think we are really ready for SPRING.  Course, I think Brinkley is becoming a huge snow lover. 

Well, I am leaving this blog to spend more time stitching and watching my favorite show "The Amazing Race".  Go Cowboys.....