Monday, August 30, 2010

Project and Blog Jail

Well, summer is over and I haven't done enough to brag on my blog about what I did on my summer projects. Right now I am working fast and hard on "Skeleton Crew" by The Cross-Eyed Cricket collection. My goal is to have this done by Sept 22 or 23rd so that I can drop it off at a really special place for very special framing. Stay tuned and I promise to keep you posted with the outcome. I hope this is better than the other items I am working on.

As for my redwork project. Well, can I say that I am not the only student that is behind. I'm not. I promise.... I do have a couple other letters done except for one silly stitch that I cannot seem to get a handle on yet. Or at least good enough to post. That is the fly stitch. I need to practice this one since all the blocks are sewn together and then the seam is covered up with the fly stitch. As soon as the Skeleton Crew is done my attention is to finish this project in time with the class.

Well, I have been a bad blogger but I have a good excuse. I have been busy spending lots of family time with my family. We have done many cookouts, movies, and lots of other fun things this summer. Now that fall is setting in and everyone has gone home it will be back to serious tasks of stitching tons.

This one is a quick post. Time to run and have dinner. After dinner it will be stitching time. Enjoy....